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Celebrating 15 years of serving the community! 


July 2023! God Bless America!
Summer in Full Swing: Thank you to all of our produce donors as well as volunteers so far this summer. It has been a great time touring the Columbia Basin and witnessing the fruit that is available for harvest. Apricots, cherries, blueberries, plums, and peaches have71053567041--D6945CDC-8CBD-4C50-8BC1-2E4F350845A1 been picked and donated to local food banks thanks to local farmers, community members, and gleaners. Along with these amazing donations, the Pasco and Richland Farmer’s Market vendors have been providing between 500-1,200lbs of produce each week for our volunteers to distribute to local food banks. Together we are making change by reducing food waste and providing fresh produce to those in need. 


Annual Fundraiser: We had a great fundraiser this year with a total raised of $7,780.00. In addition to this, we were able to donate 28 racksFather's Day Rib Dinner Pic of ribs and sides to Restoration Community Impact Market and helped to feed families in need!  Special thanks to our sponsors | Edward Jones Shelley Kennedy Office | ALM Farming INC | Anderson LAW | Basin Pacific Isurance | Thank you to our volunteers and those who helped to make our fundraiser a reality  Beck’s Family BBQ |  Ranch and Home 94.9 The Wolf Templeman’s Market Grace Kitchen 

Recurring Volunteer Opportunity: Every Friday and Saturday from 12:30pm-1:30pm in June-October, volunteers from Fields of Grace head to the Richland and Pasco Farmer’s Markets to collect donations from market vendors. It is one of our longest standing relationshipsIMG-8925 with donors and acts as a constant flow of fresh food to our local food banks. We will be having market training Friday, August 4th, beginning at 2:30pm at the Richland Farmer’s Market as well as Saturday, August 5th beginning at 12:30pm at the Pasco Farmer’s Market. Email us to join! 

Farms to Support this Summer: We are so lucky to live in an area surrounded by farmers! This means we have access to amazing local products! It is so fun to head out with friends and family to pick your own fresh fruit! Here are a list of farms and markets to check out this summer: Ray French Orchard, Middleton Farms, Schreiber’s Farms, Hatch Patch, Applegate Blueberry U Pick, The Villa Family Farm, Job’s Nursery, Blue Mountain Lavender Farm, Sunny Hill Market, Local Pumpkin, Richland Farmer’s Market, Pasco Farmer’s Market, Kennewick Farmer’s Market


Monthly Prayer: This month we are praying for everyone who serves the community. There are all types of organizations doing amazing work that goes unnoticed. We pray that God blesses these organizations and individuals who have given their time toimagejpeg-0 2 make our community a better place. We thank God for touching the hearts of individuals which encourages them to take action. We are grateful for our own volunteers who have dedicated many years to serving. This is truly the way God desires us to live. For any organization struggling to find help, we pray that more people will find this calling in their hearts. In God’s glorious name, amen. 

If you are interested in making a donation simply use our PAYPAL link, or send a check to PO Box 1766 Richland, WA 99352. 



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