Meet Our Donors

AG Donors

Area Farmers 

Fields of Grace extends a grateful heart to our area farmers. We have worked with so many over a 15-year period and most are still operating. In 2023 we partnered with Walchli Farms, Hermiston Melon Co, Bautista Farms, Ridgeline Farms, GEM Orchards, Applegate Orchards, Alveraz Organic Farms, Hatch Patch, Flatau Farm, Buggirls Garden, WSU Research Plots, Pasco Farmers Market, and Richland Farmers Market.

Local Residents 

Residents of Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Benton City, and Finley/Burbank are generous with their fruit baring trees. These smaller donations from residents will typically be transported to pantries unable to store large amount of produce but who don’t receive fresh food donations often.

Financial Donors

Individual Donations

Nearly half of our funding is provided by individuals in our community. We thank each of you for seeing the importance of our mission to those in need as well as the benefits to our environment.

Ministry Partners 

Our current ministry partners are Central United Protestant, West Highlands Methodist Church, and West Side Church of Richland. We thank them for their continuous support as they create a large part of our financial foundation.

2023 Annual Fundraiser Sponsors 

ALM Farming Inc.