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Area Farmers

Obviously, farmers provide the crops that we harvest.  We have harvested apples, sweet cherries, carrots, potatoes, apricots, and corn from large-scale producers.  We have also picked plums, tomatoes, and grapes from residential sites.  We are always looking for new crops to harvest.

Participating farmers may be the recipients of a tax-benefit.  Second Harvest sends farmers a receipt for the produce gleaned from their fields or orchards.  We recommend that farmers contact their accountant for further details.

Agricultural Liaison

Gary Middleton

Agricultural liaison, Gary Middleton, has been instrumental in finding farmers who generously share the bounty of their land.

“As a longtime area farmer, I have allowed access to my land to anyone interested in gleaning.  But over the years the number of people who came out declined. When I heard about Fields of Grace, I was excited to have the opportunity to once again give to those in need.  There is so much area food that is perfectly fine, but because it is not picked, it rots on the ground or in the trees.  So much food is wasted simply because the hands are not there to pick it.  I decided to take an active role in Fields of Grace by providing input on the liability waiver and gleaning etiquette that the group uses.  I have also had the gleaners come out to pick sweet cherries and apples at my orchards.  When they arrived, I showed them how to pick properly so that next year’s crop would not be damaged.  I continue to advise the group and contact area farmers to participate in the program.  If you are interested, please give me a call at 509.539.8442.  I strongly support Fields of Grace.  This ministry has allowed me to give back what God has so abundantly given to me.”   


Gary Middleton
Middleton Organic Orchards

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